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Eric Bronner wants to bring his taxi back to safety

The Porto-Vecchiais Eric Bronner drives a lot, from one end of the year to the other, probably not very fast, but when you are a taxi driver, the goal of the game is not to measure yourself against the clock, but to bring the customers to their destination as serenely as possible. But from October 5th the change of scenario will be striking. Eric for this 20th TDCH will get his Opel Comodor Group 1 back. A "big" car of 160 horsepower with a six-cylinder engine worthy of a truck, the only one running in the Tour de Corse Historique. This will be Eric's fifth participation, accompagnied by François Veronese. As in the other editions, it will be a question of taking a maximum of pleasure and especially of participating in a version which will make history. 

As for Eric, he has only one ambition : to come full circle and be present on October 10th at the parc fermé on the Marine of Porto-Vecchio.

For that, there is only one secret... to bring his taxi back to port.


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