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Michel Branca discovers historic rallies at 69 years old

There is no age limit for the first ones. This is, in any case, what we can think, considering what Michel Branca from Porto Vecchio is about to live. On Monday, October 5, he will be at the start of his first Tour de Corse Historique at the steering wheel of a Stratos in high average in regularity. Associated with his long-time co-driver, Gérald Forns, with who he has been riding for 15 years, Michel Branca is impatient to discover a world he has never seen before. With 21 modern Tour de Corse and two French Cup finals under his belt, Michel is: "like a kid". And as he is not afraid of big gaps, on September 19th he was at the start of the Grasse Rally with the Ford Focus … the clash of worlds, four-wheel version.


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