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JB BOTTI as comfortable as a fish in water

Gifted or very gifted, this is how we could easily define Jean-Baptiste Botti, multiple world champion of jet-scooter of the seas in speed, in hand jet and in endurance, in saddle jet, and this for a very long time. But don't be mistaken, the rider from Porto-Vecchio is also very comfortable on two and four wheels. Winner of the regional rally of Porto-Vecchio in the modern category, he will be at the start of his first Tour de Corse Historique on October 5th with a Porsche 911 from Caruso. Associated with Thierry Vincentelli, he will be one of the contenders to follow and as often JB Botti does everything very quickly: "I had already done the Porto-Vecchio Rally in Historic, but my participation in the TDCH was decided on September 14th, before we weren't sure and then everything went very fast. I really wanted to take part in this 20th Tour de Corse. I know that the atmosphere there is great and it will be a great party".


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