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Laurent Coubard in the footsteps of his father

For those who follow Corsican motorsports, the name Laurent Coubard is associated with motorcycling on the track, both in speed and endurance, he has won the Barcelona 24 Hours twice in 2018 and 2019. But the boss of the Pro Kart circuit of Figari has another passion, the historic that he discovered in 2015 in Morocco with a 104 ZS. This year he will be at the start of the Tour de Corse with a Samba group B. 

2020 a particular year for Laurent who will walk in the footsteps of his father Frédéric who made the Tour with a Kadett GTE. And as a symbol rarely arrives alone, he has just started his GT4 season, on a Berlinette, with Jean-Charles Rédélé, the son of a certain... Jean Rédélé.


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