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José Andreani: “Let’s follow the health instructions”

Here we go, Monday will be the kick-off of the 20th Tour de Corse, just as the Covid-19 outbreak follows an upward curve. On the part of the organizing team of the Tour de Corse Historique, the pressure has risen a notch. Every effort is made to ensure that the rally takes place in the best conditions and President Jose Andreani wanted to stress the importance of compliance with health rules: « All instructions related to this respect are on the TDCH website and I want to thank all the organizing team that has been working hard for months and has had to adapt, perpetually, as the Covid-19 situation evolves . Important reminder, parks will be banned from the public, audits have been advanced to Sunday, October 4 and we have set up scheduling to ensure there is no queue. Of course, we ask competitors and anyone on the different sites to wear the mask. Hydroalcoholic gel will be available. Compliance with these instructions depends on the smooth running of the 20th Tour de Corse Historique. Protection is essential to protect others. Thank you for your understanding.”


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