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François Delecour : "It will be a big Tour de Corse Historique"

The love affair between François Delecour and Corsica is no news. In 1993, when he finished second in the World Rally Championship, just behind Juha Kankkunen, François Delecour with the help of his Sierra Cosworth, made history on the Tour de Corse list. For this 20th anniversary, in the Historique version of the Tour, he’ll be at the start with a Porsche. The 58 year old Hazebrouck born and bred couldn't conceal his joy: "I have always been a fervent defender of the Tour de Corse. And I don’t understand why it’s no longer part of the World Championship. That is outrageous. To me, participating in the Tour de Corse Historiqueis like plunging back into the front extensions, with long specials and its very special atmosphere. Plus, it’s a strong level, and I’m going to have the pleasure of meeting Alain Oreille, but I know that generally speaking it's gonna be a hard fight. But we're gonna do it."


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